summer nights

La Vie En Rose by Madeleine Peyroux on Grooveshark

yesterday had every indication of turning into a disaster. stressed out from packing, the last thought on my mind was going out. yet, I made myself walk out that door. we rode bicycles to the movie theater, it was too hot. we arrived and sat through the movie, laughing a lot, my friend and I, her laugh was the loudest of them all, but just as contagious.
we rode back to the house, slowly, talking about the past year. the night was cool, a trace of jasmine in the air. at least, that's what I imagine that slight smell to be. It's wonderful, we passed by some restaurants, and heard the laugther and clinking of glasses.
there is something about night, being looked down by the moon (who looks like it's half-smiling), and the company of a kindred spirit.
summer nights are what make summer days bearable. 


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