a thankful heart

Thankful would be the word I would use to describe this year. Even though it was a year filled with challenges and a few heartbreaks. I would have never imagined that this year would have been such a blessing for me. A year when I was supposed to have graduated, probably living a completely different life and maybe I would have been a different person. My dad said a few months ago that our lives are filled with decisions we make. It's interesting to think that a different decision could lead us down a another path. I was determined that this year would be filled with things that set me on fire. Not literally, of course (for those who like setting objects on fire). I vaguely remember some of my resolutions and I'm pretty sure the most important ones I have accomplished.
I know that the year isn't over... but I was sitting here... recently thinking I had lost my phone chip, and many other things I've failed to do, but realizing that it would all work out in the end... and I felt an overwhelming sense of thankfulness. Maybe it has been because of all the hugs I recieved this morning, maybe coffee really does make the morning a more happy one, but I can't seem to stop smiling to myself and wanting to shout hymns of praise!


  1. hehe, makes me smiling. Especially the fire part :o)

    Today was a challenging day as well.

  2. i really like the pictures! very nice!



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