Once Upon a Time/9

She didn't remember much, she knew she had been fighting to stay above water as the it kept going in circles. The minute she gave into the darkness, she had landed ashore. She tried to replay what happened, but that's all she could remember. She looked around, her hands lightly touching the sand. This wasn't the kingdom she was born in, it was another place. She had never imagined there could have been something beyond their own waters. She tentatively stood up, felt dizzy and plopped back down. She looked around and all she could see were trees. They were huge, seemed to keep going up, its tips touching the blue sky. Across the waters, she could see the kingdom, it wasn't very far away, yet she wasn't eager to get back, but she knew she couldn't stay alone where she was. After several minutes, she was able to get back up and steady her wobbly knees.
"Magnolia," she heard her name. She squinted again across the waters. It must have been the wind.

Across the waters, the prince shouted her name. It was the first time he had said it aloud. All his efforts to revenge her had in the end made her run away. When he had heard what had been done to her and about her family, he was angry. Yet, he thought she would have been too. Now, he had to wait, because no one could cross the waters. He had tried many times in the past. All he could do was stare at those waters, his heart in his throat, hoping she would come home.


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