when words fail

"Some things are just too good to be true. But then, some things are too good and happen to be true. Christ is one of them. In Him, the earth had a God willing to tell us more about Himself, to give us a better look, to let us get close enough to touch Him, warm-blooded God Who willingly took on all the pecularitites of flesh, all natural vexations you and I are programed with, a God Who lived in the warm thickets of us, in the sweat palm of us, Who was like us, no higher, no lower, just one of us. And as if that was not difficult enough to believe, when Heaven and Earth demanded a reckoning between them, He called the fury down upon Himself. He opened up a door that had been close d to me and called me brother. No, I couldn't have made all of this up. I didn't have to. It's so good, I may have tried. But I suppose I was saved from that too."

David Theems

Need I say more? It's so amazing and the best part it's true.

May love be all the evidence I need.


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