another day, another road

This morning, my alarm didn't go off. My head felt horrible. Sometimes I have the sneaking suspicion that my mind never stops. Even when I'm sleeping. Tuesday mornings are different, because we take the whole morning to pray about different things happening around the world. This morning I just wanted to work or go back to sleep. Anything to stop the thoughts still buzzing around in my head. In the end, the morning proved great. I have often seen that when I put an effort to do something for others rather than myself, it soothes my soul. Focusing on God does that. It's a constant struggle for me, as much as I try to focus and spend time with God, something always comes up to distract my mind. Being somewhere with no distractions, even going outside, my mind wanders off. I still haven't mastered the art of it, but the times that I have been able to focus have been great times. The business of the day often gets to me, things that I need to get done, analyzing people who are around me, keeping up with friends, it's all going around in my mind. I often envy that a man is able to put things into different boxes in their minds. My mind is like constant flowing water and thoughts keep coming back until it doesn't matter anymore or I get something done.
The day completely turned around, I even found myself doing ballet moves and having some good conversations. I have often learned that I need to be more patient with myself. Here's to unexpected mornings.


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