far away, somewhere

Far away, I see deserts, a man in a turban gathering water, and a little boy playing with a stick on the ground. He's drawing something, but his movements are too fast for anyone to see what is forming.
I step closer to look at what the child is writing, then I notice it. I look down at my feet and I'm wearing a burqa. How had I not noticed that before? It covers my whole body. That's why I can't see the child very well, there is a veil keeping my view limited. 

As if in a dream, I couldn't look up or down. I could only look straight ahead, it was even impossible to look to the right.

I took tentative steps, but I could only look straight ahead. There was no possible way I could look back, and by that time the kid had vanished.

I'm not sure what this dream meant  as I woke up,
but there are days were wanderlust bites hard.


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