finding my voice

My fingers are itching to type. Ah, why is it when there's so much a mind is distracted with, but it still won't let my thoughts form! This morning I was impacted by the Invisible Children movement. there's a video here.
I think the hardest battle we ever fight is with ourselves. Even when things seem to be going well and the storm has passed, it seems the heart tries to look for the bad. What is this restlessness? This growing desire to love even deeper? The thirst for knowing more and more and more? I long for satisfaction. Yet, I know, that maybe this part of my growth and this restlessness will keep pushing me to improve, to change, to fight, to learn and most of all to love.
I know that I tend to think I need to go in order to do these things. It's just something that is part of who I am, something that almost seems natural. However, I have been thinking lately that maybe I need to go where I am. I am a part of something that could be impacting. I can be a voice to these boys. These boys who live in homes because they come from broken families.

I pray to see a continued change in their lives. I especially pray that they will see and know that there is hope. 


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