diaries of an aspiring photographer

I'm not sure how it began, this love affair of mine. In highschool, a friend and I were talking about what we would be when we grew up. She wanted to be a marine biologist and I, well, if memory serves me correctly, I told her that I liked taking photos. What she replied, I still haven't forgotten, "Why don't you become a photographer for National Geographic?"

Yeah, there it started. At the time, I had a simple Kodak camera.

It's hard for me to describe why I love photography so much. Sometimes, I know it's when I capture the moment perfectly, the way someone's eyes crinkle when they smile, the awkwardness that people feel in  front of the camera and  I could go on.

These past few months, I have struggled with optic problems, shutter speed, composition and so much more. Recently, when I have been taking photos, it seems my brain has been overloading... but, it's fine, it's important enough that I am willing to put all my effort into getting it right.

So, who knows why. Maybe photography chose me. It's endless possibilities, capturing life as it happens and hopefully sending out a message on how I look at life.

Here's to another day as an aspiring photographer.


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