The art of waiting

It's never as easy as it sounds, this thing we call waiting. Even less so in the world we are living in these days. We have been quickly losing the art of waiting. I have actually started to appreciate it more recently as I had to wait for someone. We all have to sort through different issues when we are waiting for something. It's easy to give into the emotions that tell us YES! THIS IS IT.  As we are hoping to start a new endeavor, we want to trust our emotions and feelings that tell us it's right. Once an obstacle comes, these feelings quickly go away and they are replaced by doubts. Doubts don't easily go away as our feelings do. They stay in there, like a broken record, constantly reminding us of our weaknesses. When we have taken the time to wait and still feel the same we did when we started, then it's different. Why? Because, we have made the decision, despite our initial fears and doubts, that we are going to do this. When the time comes to go for it, we have this foundation, that we waited. Time can either strengthen a resolve or weaken to the point that we forget about it.  When we take the time to wait it out, sort through the after emotions, and still want to take the risk, we are better off. At least, that's what I've learned recently. We can all be impatient when we want something. However, is this want something that we need? That's when waiting and thinking comes in...


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