click, click, click

Doesn't this just make you want to swing for hours? I found this little spot in one of the neighboorhoods of the city called, "Bellavista." I have been doing a lot of walking around the city, finding interesting things to photograph for class. Today I had to turn in 11 photos and two of these photos I showed the professor. We had a little time to place the photos on paper to exhibit them. I was a bit nervous, but confident of most of the photos I took. I am never sure what the outcome is, because each professor has a different style and sometimes I feel I didn't quite get what we were supposed to do (still need to learn a lot more Spanish)
I have realized lately how scary it can be to do something you love. For me it has been more stressful, because I feel the need to prove something or maybe I just want to do everything perfectly. Most of my friends will probably tell you I've been a bit crazy recently.  I guess that's a good thing to care about the things you are doing, but I am so ready for some time off.
Only about two weeks and I have some holidays. Until then, I will continue to be the girl with the click, click, click camera.


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