Once Upon a Time/10

for Kellie. 

After a day of wandering around the beach, she finally decided to venture into the woods. She was beginning to feel the pangs of hunger and needed to know she wasn't the only one on the island. After walking for a while, she found a trail and ventured in.  She lost sight of the beach and the trees grew higher. After some minutes, all she could see were its leaves, no trace of the sky. The ground was soft and moist and there were few rocks she had to sidestep.
As she went deeper into the woods, she began to despair. She heard nothing, all around was dead silence. After an hour, she started to wonder what would happen to her, as she began to feel dizzy from the hunger. She finally sat down on a rock, closing her eyes, since everything she was seeing was double. Then, all she remembered was black.

Just before she woke up, she dreamt. She could still hear his voice as she ran from that room of accusing stares. It had been with her as she swam through that whirlpool. If this is dying, she thought, then may the darkness overwhelm me soon. 

It seemed like hours had passed when she woke up. She was still in the same place, by the rock she had sat down. However, when she looked to her side, she saw a plate of fruits. Perplexed, she grabbed the plate and smelt the food. They were fresh and looked delicious. Still starving, she took a strawberry and ate. She did it slowly, making sure she didn't upset her stomach. After a few bites of the different fruits, she saved some in her dress pocket for later.
When she was done, she stood up, still feeling a bit wobbly and kept walking. At least now she knew there was someone in the forest. 


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