book worm: Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

I will say upfront that I'm not the kind of person who gives long reviews of books. However, since I've been reading more lately, I thought I would start writing about what I read here.

I borrowed "Dash & Lily's Book of Dares" from my dear friend Rita, who always gives the best recommendations on books, music, art and just about anything else. I quickly realized that Rachel Cohn & David Levithan were the same authors of "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist." If you haven't read or seen the movie, it's a definite must.

"I've left some clues for you.
If you want them, turn the page.
If you don't, put the book back on the shelf, please."

Lily, leaves a red notebook in her favorite bookstore, waiting for the right guy to come along and accept the dares she has carefully written inside the notebook. Dash finds the notebook and is intrigued by the clues given to him in the book so he plays along. We follow the notebook as it goes back and forth between them and around the different locations in New York. To top it off, it's set during Christmastime in the city.

This is definetly a sweet read, I finished it in about three days. It's not overly romantic and I love the things they write in the notebook. It's not the kind of book that will change your life forever, but it's the kind that gives you a break from reality. Let's you go on a trip around the city of New York and think lightly about different subjects.

"I mean, like most guys, you carry around this girl in your head, who is exactly who you want her to be . The person you think you will love the most. And every girl you are with gets measured against this girl in your head. So that girl with the red notebook - it makes sense. If you never meet her, she never has to get measured. She can be the girl in your head."


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