a pocket that could hold the universe

Lately, days have gone by slowly, allowing me time to reflect on different things and do the things I love. There is a quote that I really like, from Jonathan Safran Foer, that says, "We need much bigger pockets, I thought as I lay in bed, counting off the seven minutes that it takes a normal person to fall asleep. We need enormous pockets, pockets big enough for our families, and our friends, and even the people who aren't on our lists, people we've never met but still want to protect. We need pockets for boroughs and for cities, a pocket that could hold the universe." 

I have been thinking of the people I've met in the past few months. Since I have arrived in Brasil, I have had the impression that I'd be here temporarily and soon I'll be heading out on a new adventure. However, I know for a fact that being here hasn't been a waste. There are people that have made their way into my pocket. I don't know them very well, but I still feel a desire be there to listen to their stories. I am not sure how to explain it, but for some reason, I've had the opportunity to learn about people's lives and the thoughts they have of the world. Even though I miss my close friends very much, I know that I am here for such a time as this.

Even though there are days I can't wait to be back, I know that I need to make the most of this time, treasure it and tuck it away for future reference.

I think my pockets are stretching out and... That is just amazing.


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