letters to a friend

Dear friend,

Grab a cup of tea, or beverage of your choice, and sit with me tonight. Let's talk about our day and the endless feelings that come along with it. On the bus today,  I dreamt of so many places. I stared at the bright blue sky and the fluffy clouds spread across it and I imagined I was somewhere else. Have you ever had the feeling that you belonged somewhere else? I do. I keep waiting for the moment when I'll be taken to my true home. This home, where I won't be tired all the time, and I won't feel this vague emptiness inside. I want nothing of this world, because it never satisfies. I get something and I'm already thinking of the next thing. It's a never ending cycle. 

I figure since there's nothing here that will satisfy, then I must be from another world. Somewhere not even I could imagine. 

Somewhere, maybe, where I can freely be myself, without guarding myself. I'd be surrounded by all the people I love, and we'd never have to part. I would dance, awkwardly as I do, and not feel embarassed. I'd sit and talk for hours without being worried about the time. Time would be endless and there would be no rush. My heart would be full of joy, it'd never go away.

Can you imagine a world like that? 


Sweet dreams my friend. 
Thank you for sitting with me tonight,
Love always,


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