dear old world

As Anne of Green Gables would say, how wonderful it is to find kindred spirits! This past semester I have been working at an English school and its method is to change the teacher each week, thus allowing the students to have contact with different accents. For some reason, I was able to get this same group several times. I met Bruna there, since I will be heading back to Chile soon, I suggested we go out and take some pictures together. She loves taking photos with her iPhone and putting them up on instragram. She is also a fan of bands like the Strokes, the Libertines, etc. It was a really beautiful day, we talked about many different things and explored two amazing parks.

One of them is called, "Sanátorio Vincentina Aranha," which used to be a place to treat people with tuberculosis.
It has now been transformed into a park where several people go to walk, trot and explore.
We definitely explored the place and even got to see part of the main pavilion. 

All I can say after this day is, "Dear old world', she murmured, 'you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.”

(L.M. Montgomery)


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