monday blues

I write about the past so I don't have to focus on my present. I can't help but feel I've been forced to stop and slow down. In some ways, that has made me even more restless, because I long to go and do. Be a part of something than doesn't have to do with making money. I wake up everyday, force myself out of bed, drink coffee to become alert and wish I'd do something. Realize some of these dreams that have been flowing around in my head, help people, anything besides sitting here and waiting.

Maybe this time has been like a Sunday, that day of rest, the calm before what is yet to come. I hope so, because I can't go on like this. I can't pretend that I'm okay taking pictures of my busy nothings, reading about amazing things that other people are doing and wondering if I've been investing my time wisely.

These are just my Monday blues, don't worry, I'm sure it's not as bad as it seems.


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