music diary: como é volátil o tempo

I'd like you to meet this lovely Brazilian singer, Nana. She's from the northern part of Brazil and I recently had the chance to see her live at a local pub in Sao Paulo. I went with a dear friend of mine and was enchanted by her music. I had heard her before but after seeing her live, I can say that I love her music even more. Sometimes music is much more than what we hear but actually what we see from the people performing it. Nana is just this type of person, she has a quiet presence on the stage,  she sings sweetly, mixing electronic and folk sounds, I couldn't help swaying to her music. Listening to her made me think of Europe, on a summer day, walking around, eating ice cream. My friend told me that night that Nana had lived in Russia for a few years. Which you can tell she loves by looking at her website. I think I became a fan after getting a chance to chat with her. She's a beautiful person, one of those rare kindred spirits, I hope I get to listen to her again!

You can download her music here for free. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. Let me know what you think!



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