Once Upon Time/11

1 - 10

From across the waters, he stood on the shore, gazing out at the blue before him. The days that had followed her disapperance, he had gone to the same spot everyday. The first day, he had tried, as he had many times in the past, to swim past the whirlpool. Even though he swam as hard as he could, the water would eventually take him back to the shore. After his second try, he took to staring at the distance, wondering if she was still alive.

He wasn't sure what got over him or even what had happened to her. His need to see her family brought to justice had blinded him to the fact that deep inside, she might still love them, and that bringing them to trial and had only driven her away from him. His heart ached for her and as his thoughts kept spinning in his head, he crouched down and started fingering the sand.

Guilt overflowed his mind, in some way, he thought he would be helping her, getting her the justice he felt she deserved. He couldn't understand, why, after all he family had done, she could still harbor love for them.

He closed his eyes, wished for a miracle, and opened them up again. He almost thought she'd be there, somehow, appearing from the water, but there was nothing. After half an hour, he headed back to the castle.

When he arrived, he was greeted by his father, who looked at him with concern.

"Haven't you been able to shake this girl off?"

"No, father, she is gone because of me."

"You were trying to help her! She just misunderstood the situation."

"It was clear. We were going to execute her family...."

"Well, there's no use going to the beach everyday, when we know that the whirlpool prevents us from leaving this kingdom," he added

"There must be some way! She did it..."

His father watched him closely, seeming to hesitate before answering, "I found something in the old kingdom records"

"What did you find?"

"There seems to be another person who managed to escape the force of the waters," he replied

"Who was it?"

"A boy from the other side of the kingdom. His family still lives there."

The prince raised his eyebrows, "I suppose I could go meet them and see if they know anything."

"That would be a start."

"I'll get ready to make the journey tomorrow," he said more cheerfully, "thank you, father!"

His father nodded and left the room. The prince was left with a small spark of hope in his heart. 


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