chasing sadness away

She dances to chase her sadness away. The shadows gently move on the wall as she spins around. She isn't sure where it comes from or what it means, but sadness threatens to overwhelm her.  She remembers the color the sun made the grass appear, that day when she took her bike with no destination in mind. How the light played in between the trees and how it turned everything into gold. As she gracefully moves through her living room, she remembers all those small moments that had filled her with joy.

She looks sadness in the face and smiles. She knows that sadness is temporary and joy will come again. If it's not in the morning, then in the afternoon. When that sweet summer breeze comes out to play or when night comes and she can finally rest from the day. Whenever the moment comes, she knows that sadness will not win. Joy, she will always choose joy. 


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