music diary: don't save me

I've been in a different groove lately, I'd say I'm into bands that remind me of the 70's or 80's. HAIM is an American rock band from California and consists of three sisters, Este, Danielle and Alana. Frequently to bands like Fleetwood Mac, HAIM sounds like folk, 70's music and a little hip-hop thrown into the mix. However, they have mentioned that some of their influences are artists such as TLC, Desinty's Child, Kendrick Lamar and Mariah Carey.

  Anyways, needless to say, I think that some bands these days don't fit into a box. I just love the beat to some of the songs which allow me to dance awkwardly.

Of course, I always have to check out artists performing acoustic. I think you can always tell how good an artist or band is by listening to their acoustic songs.


Wishing you all a lovely Saturday!


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