let me sink

You called me after midnight, must have been three years since we last spoke,
I slowly tried to bring up images of your face, from memories so old... 
... I don't know what I can save you from,

This melody repeats itself in my mind, like a broken record, as I remember those times when we used to be in the same place. That Christmas when you sang this song with your father and how things had changed for us. When once you were one of my closest friends and we could talk about many things. I sit here, so far away, and I am wishing I could be there for you, friend. Tell you that this pain means something. I am still overcoming my own pain and insecurity -- how I fit into this world and questioning what I am doing here. Somehow grace found me and all I can do is shout and tell people how it changed me. I definetly could not have changed by myself. Every day is a constant battle, between myself and the world.

 As memories flood in from a simpler time, I just hope that you will grow --- and that peace will flood into your soul.

A song for
someone who needs somewhere
To long for

(Lyrics from different songs by Kings of Convinience)


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