Jack in the Box

Everyday, at exactly the same time, light shone in my home. As soon as the light would come in, I immediately sprung out. It was a liberating feeling. It isn't hard to be in the dark most of the time, yearning for the light and the colors outside, but it was all I knew, so I would look forward to the light.
Today, for some reason, the light never came. I sat in the blackness, wandering what had happened. I could hear, what I imagined were wheels, what I supposed made the light come.
A day past and still the darkness prevailed. I was beginning to feel I'd never feel free again. I hummed and dreamed, trying to get used to being enclosed like this for a long time.
Suddenly, I saw it, the light had come back. Glee filled my being as I sprung out . I stayed for several minutes, dreading the moment I'd have to go back in.
Then, something was cut, and I was sitting beside a fluffy being.
From that day on, light and I were together always. The only darkness that came was one filled with a white shining ball.


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