la mariposa goes to laguna verde

About five years ago, before I arrived in Chile, I had googled places that you should visit once you're there. I don't know how, but I read about Laguna Verde, which is a beach about 40 minutes from Valparaiso.

It only seemed fitting, as I prepared myself to move back to Brazil, that I visit this place I had seen in picures. I had mentioned it to some friends and they lovingly invited me to go and find this beach.

It's not very accessible but it's not hard to get from Valparaiso. Outside of the bus terminal, there is a bus stop and you can easily spot the bus that takes you there. From then on, it takes a quick tour of Valparaiso, stopping to pick up other passengers.

Once we arrived, we had to follow a dusty trail, and according to my friend, it was about a thirty minute walk. After walking up the path, we managed to hitch a hike to the beach. The road kept winding down. The driver let us off and we had to walk a bit more. It wasn't long before the water came into our sight.

When I saw the view, I broke into a smile. It was everything I imagined. We stayed the whole day at the beach, people watching, napping and venturing in the icy cold water. Of course I had to go in, I had to be able to say I swimmed in this magical place.

It was a lovely way to to start the new year. It gave me the courage to move on and see what this next phase holds.

"I do not think the forest would be so bright, nor the water so warm, nor love so sweet, if there were no danger in t he lakes."

C.S Lewis


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