she sleeps all day

Last month I found myself in an almost empty bus station in the middle of the night.  I went to visit a friend in São Paulo and returned through an unknown route. This route turned out to be faster and so there I was sitting on a bench, waiting, at 4 in the morning.
Travelling at night seems to bring out a whole different world. I wasn't scared, but nonetheless, I occupied myself by taking out my journal. I started to write.
I was inspired by some words by Warsan Shire,

"She sleeps all day
And dreams of you in both worlds,"


The waking world and her dream world
There's soft music as her eyes slid open
She unwillingly reaches out to you

Her love runs dreep
Just like the pacific ocean
Or so she's been told

When has it been okay to accept love while holding back?
Building walls so thick, so high, so impossible to climb
Yet she tried, bleeding, as she faced stone, cold cement

Her love was stubborn
but not enough
You proved, as you wanted to, that love eventually fades
Especially faster when its one-sided
You won
Are you happy being right?


Night comes, swiftly taking away what's left of the day
You creep in between her thoughts
It's hard, because she still carries you with her
Sadly,  pieces of you that hurt
They get inside her skin and prickle
She prays
Then cries, her insides pain
She hopes
and releases all those unspoken words

Your silence is deafening
Even if she didn't want to fight any longer
She longed for at least one word
That'd be enough
At least to let you free



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