music diary: noticed

Do you ever have those days where you wake up and everything seems to be a bit off? I did today. I have been feeling uneasy and ready for the day to be over. I had a really eventful night, between strange dreams and tossing and turning. My mind cannot seem to turn off.

So I decided to finish up this post about a band that has been on repeat lately, to see if that helps.

Mutemath isn't a new band, it's been around for a while, I used to listen to them a few years back. I remember listening to "Noticed",  and thinking, wow, this song is amazing. I love the lyrics and how true those words are, "I can't believe I never noticed my heart before". Seems like I'm constantly learning about my heart lately. There are things that haven't changed about it and others where this quote rings true, "the heart is a fickle thing".

These are older songs but here's one from their new album. How lovely is this story?

So, what do you think about Mutemath? Have you listened to any songs that are not on this list?


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