lay down on the green grass

I like taking night buses, if I'm lucky, I get a window and I can look out into the darkness. As you distance yourself from the city, you can see how the stars start to poke their shiny hairs out. The vastness of the sky always fascinates me. It has a way of humbling. How can we be something when there is something infinitely greater beyond it all? Anxiety seems to fade away as I try to count each star.
 Last night, sleep didn't come as quickly as it usually does, so I started to think about other memorable nights.
There's this one memory and I'm not exactly sure who was with me that night, but we were playing capture the flag. For a few moments, we allowed ourselves to lie on the grass, next to each other, feeling the wetness seep through our clothes. The sky that night? A dark velvet blanket splattered with glowing spots of different sizes. It was the most beautiful sight; my eyes even began to hurt as they tried to adjust to the majesty of it all.
I will never stop searching for the stars. I will always have the urge to lay on some grass somewhere and look up. Wondering if someday I will be a part of it all. Another shining star, travelling hundreds of miles to get somwhere, where hopefully, it fulfills its purpose.


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