one thing at a time

There are days you just can't shake off that sad feeling: that restlessness that  makes you walk in circles around your room, seek out your friends, and listen to songs that actually make your mood even worse.
Today I woke up and I felt a huge weight on my body. It took m a while to get out of bed and it took a lot of effort to do simple things such as, eat breakfast, take a shower and start on tasks. I kept telling myself to get one thing done at a time. I started on a project and at a certain point, things turned around.
I struggle with low spirits, but through the years I've found ways to help me out of them. Reading the Bible, listening to podcasts, listening to upbeat music and painting. I have found out that a lot of my friends go through períods like this and its important to reach out. Even though we are so connected, its even more easy to feel isolated. We start to compare our lives to others and that just begins
a vicous cycle.

I have found out that by sharing this, even though its admitting how difficult it is to function, many of the people around me, have experienced similiar things. It's comforting to actually know, that we're not alone in this.

So, I breathe and remember:
One thing at a time 


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