music diary: the silver moon will shine for you

I was hooked when I saw a song called  "Silver Moon", by Roo Panes. I mean, anything having to do with the moon, the stars or universe, I just. l o v e. Which gives me an idea, should I make a music diary just with songs about the moon, the stars a n d the universe? I think I will! If not for you, at least for me to have it archived for a later listen.

Moving on to Roo Panes! An English singer/songwriter that  reminds me a bit of Alexi Murdoch, with his voice, but of course he has  his unique style. Lots of guitar picking' and a voice that reminds me of honey.  I just read that he got his nickname, Roo, (real name Andrew Panes) because he fell into a river as a child, much like Winnie the Pooh did when playing a game of Pooh sticks. Guys, just by that story, I love him even more. Seriously? Winnie the Pooh!!!

so, what do you think? I hope you enjoyed Roo <3


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