the art of failure

These are negatives of some of the first shots I took with a pin-hole camera. I saved them because I wanted to remind myself that even though I may fail several times, if I keep trying, I will get results. For those who have tried to take pictures with pin-hole cameras, you know what I'm talking about.
Tonight, I am wide awake at one in the morning and as I came across this picture once again, I am reminded of my failure this year. I have failed hugely, I mean, I didn't accomplish any of the things that I had set out to do. Failure, as most would say, is heart-breaking. I started to question everything in my life, why I was doing it and there were moments that I couldn't see the point in carrying on with my dreams. Thankfully, my heart settled down, and I saw all these failures as an opportunity to try again and again and again. 
I can't imagine what this next year holds, but I will keep going after the things I love. To give up, I think, is the worst failure of all, and what is failure but another opportunity to do things even better?
One day, I hope to show my kids these negatives and say, I didn't succeed at first, but I tried again and I did it. Not for anyone else, but for myself.


  1. I totally agree with you.
    I feel lucky to read this now and i'm glad you're feeling better about it.
    I also have my failures, this year was such a mess, but we learn a lot with our failures.
    We better make mistakes, to learn how life goes on, to look back and see how we've changed, for better - I hope, hehe.
    No one can be perfect, after all.

    Love you <3


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